Sacred Signs and Symbols: Awaken to the Messages & Synchronicities That Surround You


by Sherrie Dillard

Improve your life by embracing the guidance that Spirit sends you each day.

Everyone receives sacred signs, messages, and synchronicities, but we don’t always notice or know how to interpret them. With Sacred Signs & Symbols, you’ll develop the ability to recognize, understand, and be guided by the signs all around you.

Featuring a glossary of hundreds of signs and their meanings, this comprehensive guide helps you build a personal oracle system for invoking messages in your daily life. Explore a variety of methods for increasing your awareness, including exercises and divination techniques that you can personalize to your needs. You’ll also discover ways to connect with loved ones in the spirit realm and expand your perception of the world. No matter where you are or what you?re doing, a loving, wise, spiritual presence is offering you advice and comfort through divine messages.


?Sacred Signs & Symbols is a wonderfully grounded and inspiring guide to connecting with the divine in your daily life. With helpful background information, numerous examples, an extensive signs glossary, and Sherrie?s beautiful personal insights, this book is a true treasure for your spiritual journey. Laurie Bonser, author of The Law of Attraction Meets Financial Stewardship

?Sherrie Dillard has managed to translate the language of the Universe to everyone in such a simple yet powerful way, so that we can all understand it . . . [Sacred Signs & Symbols is] an amazing translation of the vibrational language of the Universe. Nianell, multi-award winning singer-songwriter and author of Knowing Who I Am

264 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 inches

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Table of Contents

Introduction: You Are the Center of the Oracle . . . 1

Part 1: Understanding The Signs That Surround You
Chapter 1: A Very Brief History of Signs 11
Chapter 2: How to Spot a Sign 19
Chapter 3: The Messengers 29
Chapter 4: Types of Signs 43
Chapter 5: Sign Mapping 59

Part 2: The Living Oracle
Chapter 6: Working with the Living Oracle 67
Chapter 7: Casting Methods 73
Chapter 8: Advanced Casting Methods 85
Chapter 9: Divination Methods 93
Chapter 10: Examples of Cast and Interpreted Oracles 99

Part 3: Living Oracle Glossary of Signs
Chapter 11: Types of Transportation 121
Chapter 12: Roads 135
Chapter 13: Road Signs and Business Signs 139
Chapter 14: Buildings 145
Chapter 15: Building and Home Construction 155
Chapter 16: Animals, Birds, Fish, and Insects 159
Chapter 17: Vegetation 173
Chapter 18: The Skies, Rain, Water, and Wind 181
Chapter 19: Numbers 193
Chapter 20: Colors 199
Chapter 21: Actions and Activity 205
Chapter 22: Smells and Sounds 213
Chapter 23: Miscellaneous Signs 217

Bibliography and Recommended Reading . . . 235

Index . . . 237

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