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Seasons of Witchery: Celebrating the Sabbats with the Garden Witch


by Ellen Dugan

In this charming book, award-winning author Ellen Dugan offers an intimate look at her personal practices and magickal life throughout the wheel of the year.

Written with humor, warmth, and practicality, Ellen offers a fresh twist on ways to honor each season, along with insightful journal notes about her enchanted gardens.

Her magickal lessons and stories about her own coven, how they celebrated, changed, and grew over the course of the year, will inspire you. Enjoy sabbat-themed spells, rituals, herbal magick, and holiday recipes that will motivate you to make your own seasons of witchery more unique and meaningful.

  • Midsummer Faery Garden Blessing
  • Butterfly Magick
  • Jack-o’-Lantern Spell
  • The Wild Hunt at Yuletide
  • An Imbolc Spell to Celebrate the Goddess Brigid
  • Perfect Eggs for Ostara
  • Herbal Bouquets and Tussie-Mussies

336 pages | 8 x 8 x 1 inches

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  • Opening Quote
  • Dedication
  • Introduction
  • What You will find in the Book
  • Beginning the Journey on the Longest day of the Year

Chapter One: Midsummer- The Summer Solstice

  • Overview/ history/ astrological information
  • Midsummer, Summer Solstice and Litha
  • Faeries in the Summer Flower Garden
  • The Garden Witch’s List of Faery Herbs
  • Midsummer Faery Garden Blessing
  • Musings of a Garden Witch: Herbal Allies or Plant Familiar
  • A Call to Find Your Herbal Ally/ Plant Familiar
  • Ellen’s Garden Of Witchery Journal
  • Personal Lesson for Midsummer: Fire Magick Equals Transformation
  • Midsummer Sangria Slush
  • Reflections on Midsummer:

Chapter Two: Lughnasadh/ Lammas

  • A Little History- The First Harvest Festival
  • Dog days of Summer- Then and Now
  • Loaf Mass- Celebrating the Sabbat with Breads
  • Zucchini Bread recipe
  • Ellen’s Garden of Witchery Journal
  • Butterfly Magick
  • Full Wort Moon- August
  • Personal Lesson for Lughnasadh: Change is Constant
  • How I spent My Summer Vacation, Or, Witch in a Trout Stream
  • The Final days of Summer
  • Earth Mother Candle Spell for Late August
  • Reflections on Lughnasadh

Chapter Three: Autumn Equinox/ Mabon

  • A Little History and Mythology about the Autumnal Equinox
  • The Autumn Equinox- Officially Heralds in the Fall Season
  • Autumn Holidays- Decorating the Magickal Home
  • Harvest Moon Magick
  • Full Harvest Moon Spell for Blessings
  • September- Pagan Pride Day
  • Ellen Gardening Journal- September Projects
  • Personal lesson for the Autumn Equinox: Messages and Appreciation
  • Reflections on the Autumn Equinox: The Season of the Witch

Chapter Four: Samhain/ Halloween

  • A Little History- A Fire Festival
  • Death and Transformation: Death Takes a Holiday!
  • Masks and Guisers & Trick or Treaters
  • Colorful Signs of the Season
  • Cauldron Magick
  • An Elemental Cauldron Blessing Ritual
  • A Touch of Nature?s Magick at Samhain
  • The Jack o Lantern
  • Jack o Lantern Spell
  • Apple- the Magickal Fruit of Samhain
  • The Enchanting Apple- A Victorian Halloween Tradition
  • A Halloween Apple Spell for Love Divination
  • A Samhain Apple Muffin Recipe
  • Ellen?s Gardening Journal- October Garden Magick
  • Samhain Flower Magick with the Chrysanthemum
  • The Magick of Chrysanthemum Colors
  • A Samhain Night Flower Fascination to Ward off Ghosts
  • Personal Lesson for Samhain: Plan ahead and Enjoy the Celebrations
  • Reflections on Samhain: Embracing the Darkness

Chapter Five: Yule- The Winter Solstice

  • A Little History- Here comes the Sun!
  • Saturnalia
  • Santa the Shaman or the Norse Shape-shifter Odin?
  • The Wild Hunt at Yuletide
  • Lucy and St. Lucia
  • Candle Spell for Lucy at Little Yule
  • Decking the Halls
  • Ellen’s Gardening Journal- The Plants of Yuletide
  • Evergreen
  • Holly
  • Ivy
  • Mistletoe
  • Herbal Charm for Yuletide
  • Gingerbread Cookie Recipe
  • Personal Lesson for Yuletide: The Witch Meets Santa
  • Reflections on Yuletide: The Real Reason for the Season

Chapter Six: Imbolc

  • A Little History: A festival of Candlelight and Inner Light
  • Candlemas and Imbolc
  • The Goddess Brigid
  • An Imbolc Spell to Celebrate the Goddess Brigid
  • Herbal Magick at Imbolc
  • Hellebore Herbal Spell for Protection
  • Blueberry Scone Recipe for Imbolc
  • The Value of a Coven Sister
  • Ellen’s Gardening Journal- Greenhouse Therapy
  • Greenhouse Charm
  • Personal Lesson for Imbolc: Relax, Rest and Recharge
  • Reflections on the Season of Imbolc: February Thaw
  • Winter to Spring Psychic Protection Spell

Chapter Seven: Ostara

  • A Little History about the Vernal Equinox
  • Goddess Magick with Eostre: A Blessing for your Home
  • Eggs and Ostara’s Hare of Fertility
  • Perfect Eggs for Ostara
  • Recipe for the Vernal Equinox: Quiche
  • Springtime Decorating for your Magickal Home
  • Full Moon in March – A Spell for Balance
  • Personal Lesson for the Vernal Equinox: Growth and Rebirth
  • March 31st The Festival of Luna
  • Ellen Gardening Journal: The April Planter?s Moon
  • And Now for Something Completely Different: Palm Reading Sunday
  • A Few Rules of Etiquette for Divination & Palm Reading Basics
  • The Four Main Shapes of the Hand
  • The Four Major Lines of the Palm
  • Divination is the Theme of the Day- So have fun!
  • Reflections on the Spring Season

Chapter Eight: Beltane

  • Symbols of The Season: The Maypole & Flowers
  • Flora the May Queen and The Green Man: Deities of Beltane
  • A Lusty Beltane Day Spell
  • Honor the Green Man – Plant Green Flowers!
  • Herbal Bouquets and Tussie-Mussies
  • The Language of Flowers and Fragrant Herbs
  • The Styles of Tussie-Mussies
  • The Enchanting History of the Bridal Bouquet
  • The Magick of Color for Floral Bouquets
  • Creating your own Herbal Tussie-Mussie Bouquet
  • Directions for Tussie-Mussie Making
  • Full Moon in May: The Dryad Moon
  • A Dryad Full Moon Spell: To Protect Your Garden and Favorite Wild Places
  • Ellen Gardening Journal: Secret Gardens
  • Personal Lesson for Beltane: Laugh, Damn it!
  • Reflections on the Past Year

Appendix: Sabbat Correspondences



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