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The Secret of Your Immortal Self: Key Lessons for Realizing the Divinity Within


by Guy Finley

Open the doors to self-understanding and let go of suffering. Guy Finley helps you seek a deeper relationship with the Divine and provides powerful insights on how to find a guiding light in any dark moment.

Filled with unique and meaningful essays, this guide helps you remember a long-forgotten part of your true, timeless nature. This recollection stirs the sleeping soul that, once awakened, leads you to the crowning moment of life: contact with the immortal Self. Once achieved, this celestial union releases you from imagined self-limitation and regret, granting you the realization that death is not the end of life.

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Praise for Guy Finley’s The Secret of Your Immortal Self:

“Guy Finley’s The Secret of Your Immortal Self teaches us how to uproot the false beliefs underlying our fear, anger, uncertainty, and self-doubt and how we may access the inherent joy, equanimity, wisdom, and creativity of our Authentic Self.”?Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning

“Guy Finley’s thoughtful words of timeless wisdom in The Secret of Your Immortal Self will help inspire you to be your best self, for yourself and for those you love.”?Daniel G. Amen, MD, NY Times Best-Selling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

“Guy Finley embodies universal wisdom. With his compassionate heart, Guy teaches practical insights each of us can apply in our daily lives to realize our own divinity.”?Philip M. Hellmich, Director of Peace at The Shift Network, and author of God and Conflict: A Search for Peace in a Time of Crisis

368 pages | 5 x 7 x 1 inches

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Table of Contents

Prologue:A Sneak Peak at What You Will Find in This Book

Introduction: Look Into the Invisible Mirror of the Immortal Self

How I Came to Write this Book

The Gifts This Book Will Give to You

  1. Let go and Give Birth to a Whole New You
  2. Awaken to the Crowning Moment of Life
  3. Find the Secret Entrance Into the Life Immortal
  4. The Winds of Faith
  5. It?s Impossible to ?Hide and See? at the Same Time
  6. Start Giving Yourself What You Really Want
  7. The Secret of Being Successful in All Worlds
  8. Perfection Can?t Be Possessed
  9. The Pain of My Father
  10. Remember Your Eternal Right to Be Free
  11. Walk Through Any Fearful Moment
  12. You Are Created to Change
  13. The Power to Change Your Past
  14. Stop Complaining and Start Changing
  15. Ten Ways to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself
  16. Discover Your Unseen Attachment to Heartache
  17. Use Unwanted Moments to Set You Free
  18. Be Lifted into the World of the Divine
  19. Shatter the Bonds of False Beliefs and Be Free
  20. The Three Stages of Self-Realization
  21. The Secret Suffering of Those Who seek Power in This World
  22. The True Nature of Self-Respect
  23. Learn to Relax With Others By Releasing Yourself
  24. Slay the Dragon of Painful Desire
  25. Drop Painful Demands
  26. Resistance Is Negative Attraction
  27. Five Simple Laws to Help You Reach Your Highest Spiritual Possibilities
  28. Growing Into a Love That Lasts
  29. Make the Great Exchange
  30. Watch the Waves of Thoughts and Feelings Go By
  31. Sow the Seeds of True Self-Knowledge
  32. Reaching Heavens Shore
  33. The Secret Source of Tomorrow?s Sorrow
  34. See the Light
  35. Seeking the Eternal Christ within you
  36. A Personal God: Imagined or Real?
  37. How to Attract Divine Attention
  38. Death Is Not the End of Life
  39. The Show Goes On
  40. Doing Your Part in the Divine Plan
  41. The Patience to Possess Your Soul
  42. Free Yourself From the Unseen Influences of Dark Forces
  43. The Easy Way Is the Wrong Way
  44. Step Into the Unknown
  45. Reclaim These Two Spiritual Treasures
  46. From the Unreal Lead Us to the Real
  47. The Unexpected Blessing In Being Reviled
  48. Honesty Is the Best Policy
  49. See Through This Dark Attraction
  50. Find Lasting Freedom in Spiritual Stillness
  51. Pride Comes Before the Fall
  52. Freedom From the Fear of Feeling Powerless
  53. Stop Useless Suffering Before It Begins
  54. Practice Makes Perfect
  55. Authority Over Whatever Punishes You
  56. Find Peace and Quiet in a Noisy World
  57. Master the Twin Fires of Desire
  58. Step Out of the Flood of Negative Thoughts and Feelings
  59. Realize Timeless Love
  60. Everything Is a Reminder of You
  61. Put Yourself In Heavenly Hands
  62. Catching Messages From Heaven
  63. End Your Fear of Being ?Nothing?
  64. Step Into the Undying Self
  65. In Search of Perfect Spiritual Strength
  66. Stop Feeling Empty
  67. Jump Into the Divine Wind
  68. Divine Love Wants All of You
  69. Find the Light in Your Darkest Hour
  70. Take the ?High? Way Out of Any Painful Confusion.
  71. Loose Interest in the Pain of Your Past
  72. A Sure Prescription for a Profitable Spiritual Life
  73. Six Ways to Know a False Inner Guide From the True One
  74. The Secret Garden of the Soul
  75. It?s All or Nothing
  76. Stop Trying to Make Something From Nothing
  77. The Key to Spiritual Freedom
  78. The Carriage of the Divine Is No Cadillac
  79. Your Role in the Revelation of the Immortal Self
  80. Open the Door of Your Heart to the Divine
  81. The Life of Christ Is Now
  82. A Short Commentary on Conscious Suffering
  83. Take Time to Be Alone
  84. An Invitation to Outgrow Your Limitations
  85. Be United With Your Immortal Self by Saying ?I Do?
  86. A Final Word of Encouragment: The Secret of Being at Peace with Yourself


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