The Secret Keys of Conjure: Unlocking the Mysteries of American Folk Magic


By Chas Bogan

Discover the Primal Energy of Modern Conjure

The Secret Keys of Conjure is a guide to the tricks and enchantments of Hoodoo, rootwork, and other American folk traditions. Written by a sought-after Conjure doctor, this book shares recipes for magical oils, baths, powders, mojo bags, and more. With more than 35 tricks and 50 recipes, The Secret Keys of Conjure is an invitation to join a powerful current of magic and explore practices that have been passed down through the generations. Whether you want to practice life-changing enchantments or deepen your connection to the spiritual realm, you will find the tools and techniques that you need for:

  • Divination
  • Rituals
  • Cleansing
  • Curios
  • Setting Lights
  • Sweetening
  • Graveyard Work
  • Psychic Awareness
  • Blessings
  • Good Luck
  • Healing
  • Spiritual Purification
  • Sexual Enticement
  • Influence
  • Love
  • Justified Hexes
  • Spirit Conjuration
  • Protection

312 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 inches

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Table of Contents

Tricks xi

Recipes xiii

Foreword by Jacki Smith xvii

Introduction 1

I: The Keys to Divination: Unlocking Psychic Awareness 9

II: The Keys to Ritual: Unlocking Blessings 25

III: The Keys to Curios: Unlocking Good Luck 47

IV: The Keys to Language: Unlocking Healing 69

V: The Keys to Cleansing: Unlocking Spiritual Purification 89

VI: The Keys to Knots and Stitches: Unlocking Protection 107

VII: The Keys to Personal Concerns: Unlocking Influence 123

VIII: The Keys to Scent: Unlocking Sexual Enticement 143

IX: The Keys to Sweetening: Unlocking Love 163

X: The Keys to Setting Lights: Unlocking Wealth 185

XI: The Keys to Powders: Unlocking Justified Hexes 205

XII: The Keys to the Graveyard: Unlocking Spirit Conjuration 223

XIII: The Master Key 245

Resources 259

Bibliography 261

Index 265

Index of Popular Formulas 273

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