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Secrets of Santa Muerte : A Guide to the Prayers, Spells, Rituals, and Hexes


by Cressida Stone


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A deeply informed and practical guide to working with Santa Muerte, the “Saint of Death.”

The Secrets of Santa Muerte is a practical handbook on how to connect with the mysterious Mexican folk saint. Drawing from authentic Mexican sources and traditions, it details secret, esoteric knowledge that will foster a deep connection with the Saint of Death.

  • The book covers the fascinating history of this revered folk saint as well as practical tips on how to:
  • Create an altar to Santa Muerte and keep it cleansed of negative energies and free of demons.
  • Interpret the acceptance of offerings and signs from Santa Muerte.
  • Use the moon’s power to heighten your work with her.
  • Work with her saint through candles and statues.
  • Use color combinations in your spell work to achieve your desires.

Prayers, spells, and rituals are included for a wide range of needs: love, sex, money, good health, aid with legal matters, as well as hexes against and protection from enemies. For novices who wish to begin working with Santa Muerte as well as for more advanced practitioners who want to fine-tune their practice, discover new spells and rituals, and take their work with Santa Muerte to a deeper level.

256 Pages
Size: 6 x 9

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