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Sky Disc of Nebra (World’s Oldest Star Map)

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An Ancient Astrological and Religious Artifact

Dates back to 1600 BCE – Pagan Bronze Age

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The World’s Oldest Star Map

An exact, full-sized replica of the disc recently discovered within a Neolithic woodhenge observatory near Nebra, Germany. The original, bronze with gold plated stars, shows several constellations, including The Pleiades. It can be used to predict the timing of the autumn harvest and lunar eclipses.

Symmetrical arcs at the sides mark sunrise and sunset on the solstices and equinoxes. In the center are a crescent and a full moon. Scholars have not yet deciphered the symbolism of the remaining arc, which could represent a ship with oars sailing the celestial seas, or perhaps served as a sundial. [1600 B.C.E.]

11″ cold cast bronze plaque, handpainted.

Hook on back of plaque allows it to be hung on wall.

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Weight 4.0 lbs
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