The Strength of Sensitivity: Understanding Empathy for a Life of Emotional Peace & Balance


by Kyra Mesich PsyD

Empathic ability is a profound reminder that we are all connected. However, it’s not always easy to cope with. For highly sensitive people, it can feel like an invasion, leading to confusion, physical issues, depression, and emotional distress.

The Strength of Sensitivity explores the causes of empathic and psychic connections, providing techniques for developing and coping with sensitivity in a positive way. Join author Kyra Mesich, PsyD, as she shares stories about the struggles and triumphs of being an empath and amazing scientific research that explains how this connection works. Discover tools such as flower essences, meditation, and a twenty-day, four-step practice that effectively help sensitive people create healthier relationships with their empathic abilities. Holistic psychology has shed new light on sensitivity; let this guide show you how to live intuitively every day while integrating your whole body, mind, and spirit.


The Strength of Sensitivity is an outstanding contribution to body-mind healing and has our highest recommendation.”?Patricia Kaminski, Executive Director of Flower Essence Services

“Anyone longing to thrive as a highly sensitive person should read this warm, supportive book.”?ForeWord Reviews

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Table of Contents


?PART I: Sensitive Redefinition

CHAPTER 1: Highly Sensitive vs. Highly Perceptive

CHAPTER 2: Introduction to Energetic & Empathic Sensitivity

CHAPTER 3: More about Empathic Ability

PART II: Sensitive Recalibration

CHAPTER 4: Sensitivity is Changeable

CHAPTER 5: Introduction to Flower Essence Therapy

CHAPTER 6: Stopping Never-Ending Sensitivity Syndrome

PART III: Sensitive (R)evolution

CHAPTER 7: Meditation & Mindfulness

CHAPTER 8: Making Friends with Your Intuition & Empathic Ability

CHAPTER 9: Enjoying the Best Life has to Offer


Appendix A: Another Perspective On Being Empathic by Molly Sheehan

Appendix B: Resources for Flower Essences

Appendix C: Guided Meditations for Sensitive People




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