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STROMATOLITE for Self-Acceptance and Moving Forward


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When you work with stromatolite, you receive wisdom from the oldest fossil that exists on earth.?Stromatolites, are fossils which formed from blue-green algae over billions of years ago. Blue Green Algae was the first organic life form on our planet and one of the principle organic building blocks of life.

When you work with these amazing stones, you are tapping into wisdom and primordial energy from the most ancient of times – a time?before most of the plants, animals, and human life that we know of today even existed.

The more relaxed one becomes in the presence of the massaging tides of stromatolites energy, the more is revealed.

The energy of stromatolite helps one to understand the purpose of life’s lessons and to see them as aides to one’s personal growth. It helps one to accept others for who they are and to “go with the flow” of the universe. To live one’s life with an openness so that one can move forward and not be shackled with past negativity.

Chakras: Root and Heart

The price is for one single tumbled stone.

Actual stone may vary from photo.

Size: approximately 1.0 inch. Size may vary slightly

Each stone is hand selected and individually packed, with care, at the time of your order.

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