Tabula Mortem: A Modern Spirit Board

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What has the Universe been trying to show you?

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Tabula Mortem follows in the tradition of spirit boards yet offers a new approach for establishing contact with the spirit realm.

The sacred symbol for Papa Legba is located at the center of this spirit board. Papa Legba is the New Orleans Voodoo spirit that opens the door between worlds allowing us to communicate with spirits.

The alphabet is laid out in reverse order … as spirits see the letters!

A protective blessing is inscribed in the corner of each board!

The planchette can used in the traditional way or it can be used as a pendulum.

The 84-page Tabula Mortem guidebook explores the history and mystique of ‘talking boards’ and provides instructions for working with this fascinating device.

Board measures 16” x 16”; Box measures 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 1″


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