Taking Sacred Back: The Complete Guide to Designing and Sharing Group Ritual


by Nels and Linde and Judith Olson-Linde

Whether you?re designing a group ritual for five people or five hundred, Taking Sacred Back will help you make it moving and memorable. Join authors Nels Linde and Judy Olson-Linde as they explore creative ideas for all the stages of ritual?making the space sacred, entering into the liminal, engaging the subconscious of all attendees, creating awe and wonder, raising and directing energy, and ending the ritual. Discover advice on hardware and prop-making (and tips on using props effectively) and ideas for scaling up or scaling down for larger or smaller groups. Complete with photos and diagrams, examples of rituals the authors have conducted, and wise problem-solving advice, Taking Sacred Back is an indispensable guide for all ritualists.


“A wonderfully in-depth book. Everything is here for those who want to create community ritual. . . . We would highly recommend it for both beginner and advanced ritualists.”?Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, authors of A Witches? Bible, The Witches? Goddess, and Lifting The Veil.

?Taking Sacred Back is a must-have for the beginner or the advanced ritualist . . . It is an amazing book and I recommend it highly!??H.E. Rev. Patrick McCollum, author of The Sacred Path

?Taking Sacred Back is a treasure that I hope finds its way into the hands and hearts of all who are called to bear the torch of ritual.??Ivo Dominguez, Jr., author of Casting Sacred Space

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Table of Contents
Introduction 5
Ritual Title: “The Union of the Elements” 10

Part One : Your Ritual Plan 21
Chapter 1 What is Ritual? 21
Why Create Community Ritual 25
How to use this book 27
Ritual Title: “Ancestor Chair” 29

Chapter 2 Getting Started 35
Find and Assess Your Community 37
The Audience 41
The Ritual Team 48
Team Roles 50
Ritual Title: “Gratitude” 56

Chapter 3 Ritual Conception 63
Inspiration 68
Brain Storming 77
Visioning 81
Working Within Limits 83
Ritual Title: “Naming and Claiming the Shadow” 84

Chapter 4 Your Purpose 91
Celebration 92
Fellowship 95
Rites of Passage 97
Devotional 104
Education Within Ritual 109
Ritual Title: “Veterans’ Pentacle Rights Ritual” 111

Part Two : Your Ritual Toolbox 120
Chapter 5 Ritual Organization 120
Writing Your Intention 121
Intent Examples 124
Description and Title 130
Create an Outline 131
Ritual Flow Questionnaire 133
Ritual Title: “Ritual of the 13 Moons” 135

Chapter 6 The Ritual Begins 147
Processions 149
Path-Workings 153
Gateways 156
Ritual Title: “Tarot Path-working Ritual” 159

Chapter 7 The Sacred Space 175
The Entry Challenge 176
Make Holy 178
Create a Safe Place 182
Guardians 185
Attunement 186
Become Sacred 189
Ritual Title: “Ritual to Enki, the Father” 191

Chapter 8 Engage the Subconscious 199
Symbols and Symbolism 200
Vision 202
Sound 204
Our Words 209
Voice – Songs and Chants 213
The Intimate Senses, Taste, Smell, and Touch, 217
Movement and Dance 219
Challenging the Intellect 224
Ritual Title: “Journey into the Light” 226

Chapter 9 Awe and Wonder 234
Guided Meditation 235
Invocation and Evocation 239
Interactive Iconography 242
Gifts 244
Altars and Shrines 247
Ritual Props and Decorations 250
Illusion 254
Ritual Title: “They Will Remain” 256

Chapter 10 Raising Energy 264
Empowering and Energizing 265
Creating Ecstasy 268
Guiding the Crescendo 270
Ritual Integration 271
Ritual Endings 273
Ritual Title: “Path of the Serpent” 277

Chapter 11 Pulling It All Together 280
Rehearsal 285
Stagecraft 287
Performance Tips 290
Special Needs 291
Problems and Solutions 294
Publicity 295
Assessment and Critique 298
Ritual Tomorrow 301
Ritual Title: “Under the Canopy” 303

Chapter 12 Amazing Props and Tools 308
Personal Tool Tote 308
Mounting Systems 311
Ground Marking 313
A Clay Bead Necklace Gift 314
Amazing Props 317
Mirrored Gloves 317
Hourglass Timer 318
Infinity Step Gateway 318
Natural Material Gateway 319
Participant Potato Printed Gateway 320
Gong Gateway 320
Shear Flag – Path Gateways 320
Wheel Rope Canopy 321
Popcorn Poppet 322
Snake Walking Puppet 323
Shadow Screen 323
Magic Fire Starter 324
The True Mirror 325
Fire Effigy Figure 326
Ritual Title: “Stone Soup” 327

Chapter 13 Adapting Ritual to Scale 333
Scaling Down 334
Scaling A Ritual Up 335
Processions 336
Creating Layers 337
Limit Waiting 338
Be Effective 340
Songs and Chants 343
Ritual Title: “Celebrate the Fullness” – For 150 Participants 344
Ritual Title : “Celebrate the Fullness” – Adapted for 800 Participants 347

Bibliography 355
Ritual Books and Inspiration 356
Songs and Chants ? Where to find them! 357

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