The Temple of High Witchcraft: Ceremonies, Spheres and The Witches’ Qabalah


by Christopher Penczak


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“This is foremost an engaging textbook designed for home schooling the advancing witch, and it is encyclopedic in its rituals, charts, and even homework assignments.” Publishers Weekly

Take your spiritual evolution to the next level by mastering the essentials of ceremonial magick. In this much-anticipated fourth volume in Christopher Penczak’s award-winning series on witchcraft, he introduces the concepts of the Qabalah and the rituals of high magick, and explores the deeply interwoven relationship between these traditions and the Craft.

The teachings in this book correspond to the element of Air, guiding you into the realm of creative and critical thinking, communication, knowledge, and truth. Four preliminary chapters introduce the basic concepts, history, and skills you will need for your journey. Next, twelve formal lessons, in the witches’ traditional year-and-a-day format, provide instruction in the fundamentals of ceremonial magic:

  • The Qabalah
  • The Tree of Life
  • Symbol and sigil magick
  • Elemental constructs
  • Qabalistic Cross
  • The four worlds and their correspondences
  • Middle Pillar
  • Pathworking
  • The Ritual of the Rosy Cross
  • Invoking and banishing rituals
  • Fluid condensers
  • Barbarous words of power, magickal constructs, and the Goetia

The book’s thirteenth lesson culminates in a ritual initiation fusing the traditions of witchcraft and high magick?the creation of your own Reality Map. The cosmology you create will be based on your own spiritual experiences as well as the philosophies and practices of ceremonial magick.

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In-Depth Description

The Incredible Union of Witchcraft and High Magick

The original writings of people such as Gerald Gardner and Alex Sanders, founders of modern Witchcraft, were filled with the techniques of Ceremonial, or High, Magick. Gardner even proudly proclaimed his membership in Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Ordis. But in the following half-century, Witchcraft abandoned much of High Magick in favor of folk magick such as herb magic, knot magic, stone magic, and simple yet effective spells.

Now, popular author Christopher Penczak reunites the power of ceremonial magick with Witchcraft in The Temple of High Witchcraft, the highly anticipated fourth volume in his Temple of Witchcraft series.

A Year and a Day of Magick
The Temple of High Witchcraft provides a complete course in ceremonial magick that is uniquely centered on how it combines with Witchcraft. As you have come to expect in this series, the book features over forty exercises and more than ninety charts and figures to make understanding the information easy. More importantly, it allows you to spend the traditional year and a day in training and putting the rituals, techniques, and magick you have learned into practical use. It includes:

  • A Pagan perspective on typical rituals such as the Qabalistic Cross
  • Instructions for making holy water
  • Techniques for Rising on the Planes?the secret of astral projection
  • Numerous pathworkings to help you understand the Sephiroth
  • The secrets of advanced Qabalistic rituals
  • The way to vibrate Words of Power
  • How to perform Goetic magick?the evocation of spirits

The Temple of High Witchcraft features specific directions for performing the famous Bornless Ritual, which will allow you to invoke your higher self and obtain direct information from your Holy Guardian Angel. It teaches both traditional and alternative versions of powerful rites, including a Chaos Magick version of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram that is designed to dispel gloom and seriousness.

Bring Back the Magick
In The Temple of High Witchcraft, Penczak invites Witches to continue their spiritual evolution by exploring, in depth, the arts of ceremonial magick and reuniting them in their traditional Witchcraft partnership. You will learn to integrate these ideas and practices into your observance of the Craft, no matter what tradition you follow.

If you want to bring even more power to your magickal practices, or if you want to learn how the Qabalah can enhance Witchcraft, this book is a must. It’s also an important addition to the collections of all of Penczak’s students and fans.

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