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The Call of Intuition


How to Recognize and Honor Your Intuition, Instinct and Insight

By Kris Franken

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The Call of Intuition – Unleash Your Deepest Creative Wisdom and Gain a Renewed Zest for Life

It’s time to integrate your three inner guides—intuition, instinct, and insight—into your life in new and groundbreaking ways. The Call of Intuition presents a six-step practice designed to help you easily and effectively live from an empowered state of self-awareness. You’ll work with chakras, crystals, mindfulness, Spirit Guides, prayers, and more as you become attuned to the natural flow of universal energy and awaken your full potential.

Spiritual intuitive Kris Franken teaches you how to consciously connect to intuition through her unique process: breathe, surrender, connect, trust, honor, and nourish. Practical, hands-on techniques and playful exercises accompany each step, encouraging you to find the courage and compassion to live your truth and heed your Soul’s call. This enlightening book helps you open yourself fully to the guidance within and let go of the compulsive desire for total control.

goodreads Reviews

By Adam · ★★★★☆ · October 24, 2020
“Make Room For Magic”
The Call of Intuition is an uplifting, practical book about living a fuller, more connected life. Filled with a wealth of practices, meditations, and advice, Kris Franken meets you where you are and gently guides you through a wide variety of concepts and techniques designed to …more

By Lazarone · ★★★★★ · October 20, 2020
Very uplifting book with some excellent recommendations on how you can approve spiritual development by listening to your intuition and add to that instinct and insight. There is a clear distinction between them and yet they are working together in a cycle which brings you to your Higher Self. In la …more

Pub Date: November 2020
Page Count: 256 pages
Size: 5 x 8 x 1 inches

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