The Elements of Ritual: Air, Fire, Water and Earth in the Wiccan Circle


By Deborah Lipp

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Many books may tell you how to cast a Wiccan circle, but none really bother to explain why. When you finish reading The Elements of Ritual, you’ll know what each step of the circle-casting ceremony means, why it’s there, and what it accomplishes. You’ll learn several alternative approaches to each step, and you’ll be empowered to write your own effective ceremonies using sound magical, theological, and pragmatic principles.

  • Advanced, sophisticated Witchcraft philosophy and practice
  • Delves further into the theology and theory of every phase of ritual, along with practical how-tos and how-not-tos, and much esoteric, hard-to-find information
  • Every step of ritual has at least two sample scripts, including an avant-garde example
  • Provides detailed instructions for writing your own ritual
  • Includes meditations on the deeper meanings of each phase of ritual

Page Count: 288 pages
Size: 8 x 9 x 1 inches

goodreads Reviews

By Penny · ★★★☆☆ · November 14, 2017
The Elements of Ritual, it a good book. However, I felt like the author was a bit over the top, and it came off as “this is the only way to do this”. I believe the strongest magick, it the magick you create yourself. I think most of it would confuse beginners, and hold them back, or discourage th… …more

By Letitia · ★★★★★ · July 06, 2014
The Elements of Ritual is one of the best books I have read regarding Wicca and ritual.
Unlike so many books available now, Elements not only describes a typical Wiccan ritual, it pulls apart and dissects every step, giving the myths, purpose and options for each and every step done in the circle…. …more

By Varja · ★★★★★ · November 15, 2012
I absolutly love this book though I havn’t finished it yet.
She explains everything so deeply and it’s very easy to understand. You become glammered from the first page and can not put it down.
Deborah Lipp and also Eileen Holland, who wrote The Wicca Handbook, are the new Cunningham and Buckland… …more

By Patti · ★★★★★ · October 11, 2010
The most insightful, detailed, thorough book on ritual I have read. The author delves deeply into the subject matter and leaves the reader with the tools to craft his or her own rituals. An excellent book. …more

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