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The Magic of Tarot: Your Guide to Intuitive Readings, Rituals, and Spells


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Tarot and I never “met.” It was always inside me. Tarot was a seed waiting to sprout, a sweet tooth longing for a lollipop. Tarot was the softest of lips aching to be kissed.

The real reason I’m a Tarot reader is because I am a storyteller. What most people fail to realize is that they are storytellers too; we all are. Tarot is storytelling. It’s what we do when we read the cards. Telling stories imbues us with supernatural power – the power to change your story. Sasha Graham

Bring Enchantment and Luminous Energy into Your Readings

Tarot is a chance to empower your intuition, dive into your dreams, and get to the heart of the matter. The Magic of Tarot is a fantastic guide to creating your own marvelous and magical practice. With her irresistible charm and straightforward guidance, Sasha Graham shows you how to craft a divine, sparkling destiny using spreads, exercises, spells, and prompts.

The Magic of Tarot opens your eyes to a richer, more enlightened style of divination. Sasha encourages you to flex your intuitive muscles, confidently use tarot magic and rituals, and perform readings for other people. She also walks you through every card meaning, introduces you to dream and shadow work, helps you interpret colors, numbers, and patterns, and so much more. This book lets you fearlessly jump in and enjoy magical experiences that you’ll never forget.

goodreads Reviews

By Kristin · ★★★★☆ · October 13, 2021
I have always found myself curious about Tarot. Being taught from a young age that even allowing someone to do a reading for you would invite demons into your life, it was something I gazed at adoringly from afar. I have slowly been dipping my toes into the tarot pool and have really liked what I am finding there. This author really captures it in such a fresh way. She calls herself a story teller, which makes sense as that is really what tarot is about. It’s about seeking answers while also unveiling things hidden from even yourself. It’s a quest to fully understand the meanings of the cards and where their appearance can help to lead you. Four stars from this reviewer, and I highly recommend this for anyone even simply curious about Tarot or even more experienced readers.

By Tracy · ★★★★★ · November 04, 2021
Five Stars! I’ve always been interested in Tarot and occasionally read cards, but I’m definitely a novice at it, so I always jump at the chance to review a Tarot manual. I loved the sort of conversational tone and almost intuitive approach of The Magic of Tarot. It was easy to understand the role of …more

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