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The Maiden’s Conquest Necklace with Swarovski Crystals (Large)


By Alchemy of England

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The Maiden’s Conquest Necklace is a truly magical necklace!  Only the magical charms of a true and virtuous maiden are able to entrap the heart of a wild unicorn. Unicorns were the most rare and solitary of animals in antiquity; a white, cloven-hoofed horse-like creature with a single long, straight spiraled horn projecting from its forehead. The legendary beast stood for purity, grace, love and faithfulness.

A necklace of a large heart and wings described in antiqued pewter ribbon-scroll, which also surrounds the profile head and neck of a unicorn with a long, bronzed spiral horn. The central heart features a large oval, deep red Swarovski crystal within its outline. On a split trace chain which makes an overall length of 21″ (53cm), plus a 1 ½” extender chain.

Approximate Dimensions: Height 3.82″ x Width 5.28 ” x Depth 0.55″
Chain: 21 inches overall, plus 1.5 inch extender chain
Materials: Fine English Pewter, Red Swarovski Crystal

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Dimensions 7.6 × 6.5 × 1 in

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