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The Philosophy of Dark Paganism: Wisdom and Magick to Cultivate the Self


Discover a New, Life-Changing Spiritual Paradigm

By: Frater Tenebris

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Look inward. Explore the shadows. Honor your Divine Self and elevate it to a higher state of being. Frater Tenebris introduces you to Dark Paganism, a deeply personal and individualized philosophy that focuses on transformation and shadow work. He guides you through the nine Dark Pagan principles, which help you develop a version of yourself flourishing in all that you do. Ranging from self-knowledge and acceptance to magick and environmental mastery, the Dark Pagan principles show how to build confidence, trust yourself, and create a meaningful life. You’ll also delve into Dark Pagan ethics and how to improve your relationships and community by knowing yourself better. Featuring detailed research and self-reflection questions for each chapter, this book supports your journey of personal evolution.

Includes a foreword by John J. Coughlin, author of Out of the Shadows

“Before embarking on any spiritual path, a seeker must understand the foundation upon which their practice is built. The Philosophy of Dark Paganism draws upon the wisdom of experts past and present to create an extensively researched exploration into the why and how of dark Paganism. Frater Tenebris dissects this controversial and mostly secret philosophy layer by layer, providing a solid framework for beginner and seasoned Pagans. A lifetime of deep study and experience is condensed into this work, making it a valuable source of knowledge and a useful learning resource.”—Kat Freuler, author of Of Blood and Bones

“Differing from ‘black’ magick or baneful sorcery, this deeply intelligent and honest book explores darker magickal elements through a lens of Neopaganism. Focused on self-development by way of shadow, the reader is given an opportunity to cohesively improve themselves and search for life’s greater purpose. I have never experienced a book like this. It is packed to the brim with educational references and citations, all of which boil down to a metaphysical perspective. The author’s refreshing approach encompasses solid academic history and philosophy alongside practical theory aimed toward self-empowerment. The shroud of darkness is enchanting…why not take a peek?”—Raven Digitalis, author of Shadow Magick Compendium and Esoteric Empathy

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