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The Witch Belongs to the World: A Spell of Becoming


by Fio Gede PARMA

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Cast on Yourself a Living Spell of Becoming with this Love Song to Witches

We are emergent, embedded, arising, collapsing, changing beings in all worlds at all times. You will find that it takes that leap—that fall, that breaking apart of what is considered to be certain—to dance with the queer cunning current of witchery.

This book is offered as a spell of becoming that you cast on yourself with every step—a living spell of you and your intimacy with the life-force and the mystery. You will dance with your demons and make pacts with your spirits and gods. You will sing yourself back to life by letting yourself be sung and danced through the eye of the needle by all that calls you to this work. If you take the risk, you will learn to capture the glorious essence of magic and navigate witchcraft with your own heart.

Includes a foreword by Courtney Weber, author of Hekate: Goddess of Witches


The Witch Belongs to the World is erudite and alive, as poetic and transgressive as it is transformative. Where I might have an inkling, a hint of a complex spiritual insight, Fio snatches it from thin air and renders it like an opened honeycomb dripping with sweet secrets and mystery. Fio’s content is whip smart and the delivery to readers is like a mist one walks through until they’re gloriously soaked to the bone….If we’re lucky enough to pick up this volume and follow its wise instruction, we’ll be transported through an unexpected journey into the heart of our power, into the soul of the Craft.”—Timothy Roderick, author of Dark Moon Mysteries

“It is rare to find witchcraft books that speak so deeply to the soul. I felt my senses and my magick responding palpably to each step as I allowed myself to drink from its poetry and beauty.”—Petrucia Finkler, Brazilian witch, teacher, and author of Os Quatro Saberes

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