The Witch’s Apothecary – How to make Magical Potions for the Wheel of the Year (Hardback)


by Lorriane Anderson

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Rituals and recipes to help you embrace daily magic and sacred living through apothecary blending with herbs, oils, fragrances and crystals.

Bestselling co-author of The Seasons of the Witch Oracle cards series, Lorriane Anderson, has created a practical guide for beginning and advanced witches to unlock the greater powers of making your own apothecary blends. Lorriane owns and operates a successful, soul-based apothecary and uses her own practices to teach you how to make potions based on your needs, intentions, and energy.

A sacred living lifestyle is like slow living, and spiritually infused and focused on mindfulness, magic and self-care. Learn to craft magical blends that carefully follow the Wheel of the Year. You will feel empowered to craft your own formulas for personal use, experiment, and work from nature to create magical blends which tie into sacred sabbat days and tip into your magical energy. Imagine creating your own candle to improve and appreciate Abundance in your life. Or creating an incense to clear blocks in your life to love.

256 Pages, 7″x 9″
Pub. Date: 04/17/2023

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