Thunder Torque Bracelet (Small)


by Alchemy of England

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The most classic form of Dark Age vanity and hard earned battle trophy, this lordly, iconic torque bangle must be that of a Scandinavian or Saxon pagan noble, won, almost inevitably, by force.

Two-tone pewter Celtic torque-style bangle, with twisted wire pattern core and antique bronzed Thor’s Hammer terminals, each set with a hematite cabochon.

Approximate Dimensions: Width 3.35″ x Height 2.6″ x Depth 0.28″
Materials:  Two-tone Fine English Pewter, Antiqued Bronze & Two Hematite Cabochon Stones.
Small 6″ – 7.5″ circumference
Large 7.5″ – 9.5″ circumference
To fit this bangle style bracelet, gently squeeze the metal open or closed, to fit the around your wrist.
Alchemy Bracelet Sizing & Fitting Guide
One Size, Adjustable
Alchemy bracelets are mostly “One Size, Adjustable” covering from small to large.
For bangles, please see the fitting guide below.
However, where fixed sizes are indicated, these may be any of the three following appropriate categories:
  • SMALL: 6″ – 7 1/2″ (153-191mm) circumference
  • MEDIUM: 7″ – 9″ (178-229mm) circumference
  • LARGE: ?7 1/2″ – 9 1/2″ (191-242mm) circumference

Adjustment: Where indicated, the bracelet will have some degree of adjustment. If its a bangle, this will be achieved by GENTLY squeezing open or closed to fit.

Bangle Fitting Guide: To adjust – gently squeeze the metal to fit the bangle around your wrist.

CAUTION: DO NOT BEND ONLY IN ONE POINT! This, and any repeated bending of the bracelet is likely to cause the metal to fracture.

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