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Traditional Magic Spells for Protection and Healing


By Claude Lecouteux

An in-depth collection of ancient spells and magic practices drawn from rare and newly discovered texts.

  • Presents more than 600 magical prescriptions for healing and protection from both Pagan and Christian sources
  • Examines the practice of diagnosing illness through magic and explores ancient beliefs about curses and other evil spells and about devils, demons, and ghosts.
  • Includes spells from the heavily guarded gypsy tradition of magic and healing, drawn from newly discovered materials.

Since the beginning of history, people have sought remedies for the many ills that have beset them, from illnesses afflicting the body to threats posed by evil and hostile individuals. In many folk healing and pagan traditions, it was believed that one must gain the assistance of the guardian spirit of a healing plant or substance through prayers or offerings before its chemical properties would be effective. The Church decried these spells and practices as Pagan superstition but did not seek to exterminate these beliefs, instead transferring the responsibility for their healing powers to the apostles and saints.

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Traditional Magic Spells for Protection and Healing

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Manner of the Cure

Chapter 1: Diagnosis

Chapter 2: The Illness of Humans and Their Curse

Chapter 3: Evil Spells

Chapter 4: Devils and Demons

Chapter 5: Fantastic Beings and Spirits

Chapter 6: Healing of Animals

Chapter 7: Protections

Appendix I: Medical Magic in Italy during the Fourteenth-Fifteenth Centuries

Appendix II: The Activities of Sorcerers

Appendix III: The Use of Encrypted Spells

Appendix IV: Superstitious Healing Methods According to Fernel

328 pages, 9.25″ x 6.25″

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