The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order


by Paul Foster Case

A revised text of the complete Rosicrucian material offered by the Builders of the Adytum (BOTA), the organization founded by Case.

Ten Rosicrucian Grades are presented with the thirty-two paths of initiation.

This is a thorough presentation of the Rosicrucian system of Initiation by Dr. Paul Foster Case. He explains that Rosicrucianism is based not upon earthy organizations, but on personal unfoldment, and clearly describes the distinctive marks of a Rosicrucian. The treatise is divided into two main parts by Dr. Case. The first is a careful examination and interpretation of the principle Rosicrucian manifestoes, the Fama Fraternitatis and the Confessio Fraternitatis. The second part is an explanation of the Rosicrucian Grade system, as applied to the diagram of the Tree of Life and Tarot attributions. By participating in the outlined procedures, aspirants are put on the right track of preparing themselves for union with the Higher Self, which may or may not include group work with an outer order or fraternity.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Beginnings of Rosicrucianism

Chapter II Fama Fraternitatis of the Meritorious Order of the Rosy Cross

Chapter III The Confession of the Rosicrucian Fraternity

Chapter IV The Inner Meaning of the Manifestoes

Chapter V Our Father and Brother, C.R.C.

Chapter VI The Journey, the Initiation, and the Founding of the Order

Chapter VII The Rosicrucian Agreement

Chapter VIII The Vault of Brother C.R.C.

Chapter IX Symbolism of the Rose-Cross

Chapter X Rosicrucian Religion and Politics


Chapter XI The Grades of the Order

Chapter XII The Grade of Zelator (1=10)

  • Doctrines of the Grade
  • The Thirty-Second Path

Chapter XIII The Grade of Theoricus (2=9)

  • Doctrines of the Grade
  • The Thirty-First Path
  • The Thirtieth Path

Chapter XIV The Grade of Practicus (3=8)

  • Doctrines of the Grade

Chapter XV The Grade of Philosophus (4=7)

  • The Twenty-Ninth Path
  • The Twenty-Eighth Path
  • The Twenty-Seventh Path
  • Doctrines of the Grade

Chapter XVI The Grade of Lesser Adept (5=6)

  • The Twenty-Sixth Path
  • The Twenty-Fifty Path
  • The Twenty-Forth Path
  • Doctrines of the Grade

Chapter XVII The Grade of Greater Adept (6=5)

  • The Twenty-Third Path
  • The Twenty-Second Path
  • Doctrines of the Grade

Chapter XVIII The Grade of Exempt Adept (7=4)

  • The Twenty-First Path
  • The Twentieth Path
  • The Nineteenth Path
  • Doctrines of the Grade

Chapter XIX The Grade of Magister Templi (8=3)

  • The Eighteenth Path
  • The Seventeenth Path
  • Doctrines of the Grade

Chapter XX The Grade of Magus (9=2)

  • The Sixteenth Path
  • The Fifteenth path
  • The Fourteenth Path
  • Doctrines of the Grade

Chapter XXI The Grade of Ipsissimus (10=1)

  • The Thirteenth Path
  • Doctrines of the Grade


Chapter XXII The Inner School




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