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Witch in the Bedroom: Proven Sensual Magic


by Stacey Demarco

Stacey Demarco brings the “Witch’s Way” into the bedroom in this delightful guide to love, sex, and fertility. Blending personal empowerment techniques, core values of Wicca, sex magic, and proven spells, she tackles affairs of the heart with Witchy flair.

Demarco begins by tracing the origins of Witchcraft and explores how Beltane, The Great Rite, and Pagan traditions and laws relate to love and romance. She demonstrates how magical rituals, such as Power Circles, can help one build self-esteem, attract a fabulous partner, and maintain an exciting relationship of any kind. There are spells and rituals for enhancing sensuality, resolving body image issues, invoking gods and goddesses as sensual consultants, finding balance in relationships, and letting go of old flames. Also included are rituals for boosting fertility and increasing chances of conception, even for those undergoing medical procedures, such as In Vitro Fertilization.

312?pages | 6 x 9 x 1 inches

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” I ask that you open up your heart and mind to real magic – the brand of magic that clears away old scars, that gives us real possibility, that creates a level of ease, understanding, support, excitement, and ecstasy that we have only dream’t of before.” – Stacey Demarco

Witch in the Bedroom is your key to success in ?matters of the heart:

  • Attract your ideal partner
  • Overcome first-date jitters
  • Learn to love your body – and yourself – as you are
  • Conquer the fears that may be keeping you from finding love
  • Increase your pleasure and connection during sex
  • Heal psychic scars from the past breakups
  • Synchronize your sex life with the seasons

Those ready to start a family will also find spells, rituals, and meditations for everything from conception to bonding with your growing baby.

This thoroughly modern magical guide also includes a cutting edge section for couples undergoing medical fertility treatments such as IVF.

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