Witches, Heretics and Warrior Women


Ignite Your Rebel Spirit through Magick and Ritual

By Phoenix LeFae

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Take Back Your Power and Unleash It on the World

Filled with transformative stories of powerful women from legend and history, this book explores themes that witches, heretics, and warriors confront in a patriarchal world. Join the fight against the status quo by learning how to invoke your own defiant female ancestors and the lessons they represent. Each chapter examines a topic like standing tall in your beliefs, finding your voice, embracing your sexuality, and loving your body.

This book will inspire you through the stories of Circe, Anne Boleyn, Marie Laveau, Mary Magdalene, Jeanne D’Arc, Salome, Boudicca, Moving Robe Woman, and Harriet Tubman. Phoenix LeFae also shares hands-on practices— including rituals, crafts, and meditations—designed to support you as you connect to your inner rebel. Learn how to create shrines, connect to your community, work with essential oils, and more as you find and embrace your own personal power.

Published: Jan 2022

goodreads Reviews

By Ginath13 · ★★★★☆ · October 22, 2021
I was fortunate and thankful to be given an arc of this book being published by Llewelyn. LeFae writes about the importance of being a rebel. If everyone follows the status quo, nothing will every change or evolve. It is also important to “know thyself”. With this in mind, the author leads us on an …more

By Melissa · ★★★★☆ · October 25, 2021
Full disclosure- I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I really enjoyed this book. The mix of magic spell work & history is a really refreshing addition to the book. Each chapter has meditations, spells, and a historical woman to go with.

By Astrea · ★★★★★ · June 17, 2021
I got to read an advance copy of this book and I was blown away by the amazing examples of these three archetypes. The practices for each chapter were innovative and deep. The experiences from them were transformative, and they resonated with me and allowed me to feel a stronger sense of those arche …more

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