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The Witching Hour: Spells, Powders, Formulas, and Witchy Techniques that Work


By Silver RavenWolf

A Book of Dynamic Spells and Potent Magick from Bestselling Author Silver RavenWolf

Includes more than 100 formulas for magickal powders and herbal blends

Cultivate?the energetic power of magick with renowned witch Silver RavenWolf. The Witching Hour shows you how to use the right tools, materials, and techniques for powders and spells that work. Explore the secrets of fluid condensers, beeswax, and the planets. Create your own conjuring bags and sachets. Discover how to work with powders, herbs, and magickal timing with more than 100 recipes and formulas for a variety of purposes:

Abundance ? Blessed Baby/Fertility ? Psychic Shield ? Fairy Conjure ? Steady Income ? Transition ? White Owl Wisdom ? Ancestral Honor ? Serenity ? Last Ditch Binding ? Boss Fix ? Worry Breaker ? Dreams and Visions ? Love Drawing Body Powder ? Five Rivers Fear Breaker ? Healer’s Touch ? Aura Spiritual Cleanse ? Family Protection ? SunLion Success ? And Many More

Awaken the depths of your personal power and perform your magick with courage and confidence. This book shows you how to transform yourself and your world with the application of essential skills and true intent.

312 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 inches

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Chapter One: The Magickal You and the Work That You Do 3
The Preparation of Your Mind 3
The Spirit Walk 5
The Mindset of Magick 6
The Power of Release 9
Release Before a Working 13
Mental Release Techniques 14
Mental Release and the Power of Water 15
Twisted Thoughts 16
Working the Field: The Sea of Potential (The Astral Plane and Vital Energy Bodies) 18
Next, Connect 22
Setting Your Hands: No Matter What I Lay My Hands Upon, It Will Be So 24
I Need a Miracle 26
The Balance of Magick 27
Mirror Technique 28
Acceptance or Denial 29
Link, Sync, and Sink Magickal Technique 30
Blue Lightning Ground Exercise 32
Summary 34

Chapter Two: Tools and Supplies 35
Getting Started: Supplies, Timing, and Tips 37
How Magickal Powders and Herbal Blends Can Be Used 38
Types of Herbal Powders 40
Why Make Your Own Magickal Powders or Herbal Blends? 42
Magickal Powder and Herbal Blend Additives 44
Basic Supplies for Creating Your Own Magickal Powders and Herbal Blends 45
Choosing Herbal Ingredients 55
Where to Work? 55
Where to Start? 56
The Doctrine of Signatures 58
Magickal Correspondences 61
The Elements 63
Earth, Air, Fire, Water 64
Universal Element Exercise: The Magick Egg 65
Primordial Elements 68
Element Universal Compound 72
Matching Herbs and Additives to Your Intent 73
How to Spiritually Wildcraft 76
Safe Wildcrafting Tips 77
The Process of Wildcrafting 78
Wildcrafting in Your Own Backyard 79
Researching Plants and Herbs for Best Performance 80
Gifted Plants 82
Drying Wildcrafted and Fresh Herbs 82
A Plant a Day 83
How Many Herbs to Use? 84
Color Magick Correspondences 86
Nature Meditation for Choosing the Right Color and Herbal Ingredients 88
Measuring Herbal Ingredients for Your Magickal Powders or Herbal Blends 90

Chapter Three: Magickal Timing 93
Timing for Mixing Powders or Making Herbal Blends 93
Phases of the Moon 94
Crescent Moon 96
First Quarter Moon 98
Gibbous Moon 99
Full Moon 100
Disseminating 101
Last Quarter 101
Balsamic Moon 102
The Moon in the Signs 103
General Guideline for Moon in the Signs 104
Magickal Days 115
Planetary Hours: The Secret to Great Magick 117
General Guidelines for Planetary Hours 119
Using Planetary Energy and Their Glyphs in Magick 125
Planning Your Magickal Powder Formulas or Recipes 126
Summary 128

Chapter Four:
The Power of Fluid Condensers 129
Liquid Fluid Condenser Supplies 134
How to Make the Liquid Fluid Condenser 137
Element Recipes for Fluid Condensers 139
Universal Formulas, Fluid Condensers, Powders, and Herbal Blends 140
Simple Universal Blend 140
Compound Universal Blend 141
Liquid Fluid Condenser Healing Spell 141
Liquid Fluid Condenser Water Healing Working 143
Liquid Fluid Condenser Single Formulas 143
Liquid Fluid Condenser and Magick Mirror 144
Cornucopia Liquid Fluid Condenser 150

Chapter Five: Silver’s Magickal Secrets 153
Beeswax 153
Wax Balls or Jack Balls 155
Beeswax Sheets for Rolling Your Own Candles 155
Using Planetary Glyphs as Runes and Conduits to Manifestation 157
The Invocation of the Planets 157
Commanding Planetary Energies 159
General Planetary Rune Meanings for Divination, Spellwork, and Daily Life 160
Astrological Significator Candles and Powders 162
Astrological Signs 163
Colors Associated with Astrological Candles 164
Simple Astral Candle Protection Spell 164
Tips on Gathering Grave Dirt for Powders, Magick, and Ritual 165
Nine Ways to Use Nails, Needles, and Pins with Herbal Magicks 167
Aura and Spiritual Cleansing 170
Spiritual Cleansing Ritual 172
Fast Cleansing Techniques 175
Using Magickal Doodles as Sigils for Enchantments 177
Creating a Single Number to Represent Your Intent 179
How to Turn a Statement into a Magickal Number 182
Alphabet Sigil Key 182
Herbal Vinegars for Magick 183
Salts for Magick and Enchantment 186
Sacred Spirit Mound 188
The Chi of Conversation 190
Voices in the Water 194
Summary 194

Chapter Six: Magickal Powders and Herbal Blends 197
Binders/Fixatives 199
Fillers 200
Rough Ground vs. Smooth Ground Powders 202
Whole Leaves as Carriers 202
Power Herbs 203
The Formulas 205
Abundance 206
Ancestral Honor 206
Angel 207
Anubis, Egyptian God of the Crossroads 208
Aphrodite 209
Attraction 210
Aura Spiritual Cleanse 211
Banish Problems 212
Banish Sickness 213
Nine Weeping Sisters Charm 215
Binding (Last Ditch) 215
Blessed Baby/Fertility 217
Blessing 217
Blocking 218
Bluebird Family Happiness 218
Bonesetter Healing 219
Boss Fix 220
Brick Dust Protection and Warding 220
Brigid Creativity and Fire Healing 221
Buddha Smiles Good Fortune 222
Cernunnos 223
Cleaning House/Weekly Housework 223
Confusion 224
Court Case 224
Courthouse Win 225
Crown of Success 225
Debt Reduction and Recovery 226
Dem Bones Uncrossing 226
Devil’s Trap 227
Diffusing Anger Against You/Stopping Gossip 228
Dirt Dauber Send It Back 228
Dreams and Visions 229
Egg Money/Creativity 229
Evil, Begone 230
Exorcism (General) 230
Exorcism (“You’ve Gotta Go”) 231
Fairy Conjure 231
Family Protection 232
Fast Cash 232
Fiery Wall of Protection 233
Fireball Motivation or Winning 233
Five Rivers Fear Breaker 233
Forgiveness 234
Four Goddess Prosperity 234
Gede (Conjure the Dead) 235
Goddess Caffeina 235
Good Spirits 236
Granny Silver’s Special 236
Grief Relief 237
Hammer Down Success 237
Healing Glow 238
Healing Loss from Stolen Money or Property 239
Healer’s Touch 240
Hels Gate Justice 240
Hex Breaker 241
Honor Powder 241
House Blessing?Formal 242
Jinx Remove 243
Job Find 244
Jupiter’s Gain Good Fortune 245
Just Judge 245
Kisses ‘n Candy Love 246
Las Madamas (Society of Spirits/House Spirits) 246
Legal (General) 247
Love 247
Love Drawing Bath Soap 248
Love Drawing Body Powder 248
Lucky Black Cat 248
Lucky Louie Good Fortune 248
Mega Money Draw 249
Money Draw 249
Move Along 250
Peace 250
Protection 251
Psychic Shield 251
Queen of Heaven/Goddess Blessing Formula 252
Release Negativity 252
Road Opener (Remove Blocks) 253
Sekhmet 253
Send Back (Reverse Harm) 254
Send It to the Grave 254
Serenity 255
Steady Customers 255
Steady Income 256
Strength and Accomplishment 256
SunLion Success 257
Sweet Wind Solstice/Equinox Wish Formula 257
Swift Endings 258
Transformation 259
Transition 259
Triple Action and Motivation 259
White Owl Wisdom 260
Witches’ Foot Hexefus Protection 261
Worry Breaker 261
Yule Good Fortune Gift Bag Formula 262
Planetary Powder Formulas 263
The Modern Outer Planets 264
Uranus 264
Neptune 264
Pluto 265
Safe Herbals for Including in Magickal Soaps or Body Powders 266

Conclusion 269

Appendix: Herbal Resources 271

Bibliography and Recommended Reading 273

Index 277

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