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The Witch’s Broom: The Craft, Lore and Magick of Broomsticks


By Deborah Blake

The Witch’s Tools Series #1

Take a magickal flight into the history, tradition, and modern uses of broomsticks. Whether sweeping the floors or helping with spells, rituals, and crafts, the broom is a more versatile tool than you ever imagined.

Join Deborah Blake on a journey through the ages, exploring why broomsticks and witches have always been an inseparable pair. Enjoy broom lore, insights from well-known witchy authors, and instructions for buying or making your own for special occasions. From besoms to broomcorn, The Witch?s Broom is the perfect guide for adding a new facet to your magickal practice. Have a nice flight!

304 pages | 5 x 7 x 1 inches


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The Witch’s Broom

Table of Contents
Introduction: A Witch and Her Broom 1
1: Brooms in History, Tradition, and Lore 5
2: The Witch’s Broom in Popular Culture 25
3: Broom Basics 37
4: A Broom of Your Own 63
5: Fast and Easy Spells, Charms, Crafts, and More 75
6: Specialty Brooms 103
7: Brooms for Special Occasions 137
8: Brooms in Ritual Use 165
9: For the Young Witch 261
Conclusion: A Broom for Every Witch 271
Acknowledgments 273
Appendix: Runes 275
Recommended Reading 279

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